Product action and chemistry:-

HATHKADI is a Combination of Imidaclorpid 40%+ Fipronil 40% WG belongs to neonicotinoid and phenyl pyrazole of insecticide. Deed prepared on the basis of advanced technology and it is odorless due to which targeted insects are unable to find out its presence over plants which ensure the killing of insects.

Best suited for white grub control
Combination of two mode of chemistry gives deal action against pests(systemic and ingestion/contact)
Longer persistence with excellent control
Fluence has shown demonstrable plant growth enhancement which will lead to higher yield
Dual PGE leads to better root growth, greener plants better yield

Crop Target Pest
White grubs (Holohricheaconsaguinea)

Availability: HATHKADI is available in 40gm, 100gm, and 250gm pack.

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