Product action and chemistry:-

LAKSHIT is a very powerful member of Synthetic pyrethroid group of insecticides, which is having contact and stomach action. It is effective for the control of pests like bollworms, jassids, thrips on cotton, stem borer, leaf folder, hispa, whorl maggot on paddy, thrips & mites on chilli & pod borers on red gram, shoot & fruit borer in Brinjal, Mango hopper, onion thrips, fruit borer in Tomato, thrips in Groundnut, fruit borer in Okra & Chickpea.

Doses: 120 to 200 ml. per acre in 160-240 liters of water.

Availability:  LAKSHIT is available in 100ml,250ml,,500ml, and 1 ltr pack.

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