Calcium nitrate is 100% water soluble complex fertiliser consisting of 15.5 % nitrogen (N) in readily available form and 18.5 % calcium (Ca). Calcium is one of the secondary nutrients important for crop production and has role in improving colour, lustre and quality of fruits; soil structure and water infiltration in soil and protection against pests and diseases. Calcium Nitrate Specification as per Oyash:
  • Total Nitrogen (Ammonical and Nitrate form) % by weight, minimum 15.5
  • Nitrate Nitrogen as N % by weight, minimum 14.4
  • Water Soluble calcium (as Ca) % by weight, minimum 18.5
  • Matter insoluble in water % by weight, maximum 1.5

AvailabilityOLIGHT is available in 1kg and 25 kg. Pack.

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