CLODINAFOP is a selective systemic post emergence herbicide, used for the control of grassy weeds in cereals mainly wheat. It belongs to aryloxyphenoxy propionate class of herbicide, acts by inhibition of acetyl CoA carboxylase. Best result are obtained by applying OLTOS when the majority of the grass weeds have emerged and are actively growing. OLTOS is taken up through leaves of grass weeds. Active growth of susceptible grasses ceases within 48 hours after application. Decay of nodes and growing points is visible with young leaves showing chlorosis followed bynecrosis.

Mode of Action: OLTOS is a selective post-emergence broad-spectrum herbicide with excellent action onphalaris minor.

Compatibility: Mainly used in combination with the safener

Suggested Use: OLTOS is recommended for post emergence application which is about 30- 35 days after sowing of wheat crop. (When phalaris minor is 3-4 leaf stage).

Availability:  OLTOS is available in 160 gm pack.

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