• OSULF is easy to handle, because they are dust free and do not spread in environment.
  • OSULF do not stick to the container, loss of material can be avoided.
  • OSULF is cost saver as less a.i required per acre. OSULF can have reduced acute toxicity, particularly via dermal routes and inhalation route, hence less harmful to the user.
  • OSULF is Farmers/operators and environmental friendly.
  • OSULF has low drift hazards and particles settle quickly.
  • OSULF is safe to beneficial insects.
  • OSULF has better suspensibility, better dispensability, smaller and more uniform particle size, less foaming and low wetting-out time.

Mode of Action: A multi-site contact inorganic fungicide. Sulphur is a non-systemic contact and protectant fungicide with secondary acaricidal activity.

Compatibility: It is compatible with commonly used pesticides. It is not compatible With oils, Bordeaux mixture or alkaline solutions.

Phytotoxicity: Generally do not use on Sulphur shy varieties of various crops. In hot temperatures, there are chances of Phytotoxicity.

Crop Diseases Doses
Grapes, Apple,Pea, Cumin Mango, Cotton, Paddy, Vegetable
Powdery Mildew
300 gm/acre

AvailabilityOSULF 80 is available in 1Kg,3 Kg and 5 Kg. pack.

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