OVF is Bio-fungicide with Japanese technology which is Improves Auxin-Gibberllun ratio, induse more flower forming sustance, increase more flowers, arrests excess flower drops and activates fruit forming process. That resists to go along with the wide ranges of mildews and Anthracnose, Damping off, Blights (Broad spectrum) By the non-toxic mechanic of aids to amplify the plant biomass, nutrient uptake, root development resist to flower drops and superior level of photosynthesis which can further provide results in enhanced level of both quality and quantity yield.
It is also useful as antiviral &anti fungal disease controller.

Doses: 7-10 ml per 15 litter of Water.

AvailabilityOVF is available in 15 ml, 50 ml 100 ml and 250 ml.

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