RIDHAN is a world class fungicide containing Azoxystrobin 11% & Tebuconazole 18.3% w/w SC. It inhibits respiration and ergosterol synthesis of the fungus. Spectrum is a powerful combination of Triazole and Strobilurin chemistries & it exhibits Systemic and Translaminar movement and disperse rapidly in plant system. Broad Spectrum Control of Diseases, a Single solution for a number of diseases. Multifunctional Action-Can be used as Protective, Curative & Eradicative. Its translaminar & systemic movement inhibits new growth of fungus after spray. It is quickly absorbed by plants & rapidly enters in plant system & starts working. It gives longer duration control thus reduces the number of sprays for the farmer. Its dual site action is a perfect fit for resistance management.

Mode of Action: It kills fungal cells through inhibition of cell membrane biosynthesis and cellular respiration.

Phytotoxicity: Phytotoxicity has not been reported, when used as recommended.

Crop Insect Doses
Fruit rot, Powdery mildew & Dieback
240 ml/acer
Purple blotck
300 ml/acer
Sheath blight
300 ml/acer
Yellow rust
300 ml/acer
Early Blight
300 ml/acer
Early and late blight
300 ml/acer
Downy mildew & Powdery mildew
300 ml/acer
Scab, Powdery mildew & pre mature leaf fall disease
300 ml/acer

AvailabilityRIDHAN is available in 100m1,250ml,500ml, and 1 ltr pack.

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