Yash Green Gold



Yash Green Gold Liquid is an organic, liquid fertilizer based on potassium humate (activated humic acids), algae extract and amino acids. The potassium humates in Yash Green Gold Liquid stimulate root growth and nutrient uptake. The algae extract (Ascophyllum nodosum) promotes rapid development of plant tissue. Amino acids are taken up by the roots and are readily available building blocks for protein biosynthesis inside the plant. This saves energy for the plant, which it can utilise in other metabolic processes such as yield formation and abiotic stress compensation. In addition, plant amino acids serve as a nitrogen source.
  • Stimulates plant growth, increases yield and improves the quality of the plant
  • Facilitates the plant’s energy balance
  • Increases and stimulates the population of beneficial microorganisms and activates soil life
  • Reduces the residues of herbicides and toxic substances in soils
  • Increases the tolerance of plants to abiotic stress (drought, heat, cold, salt)
  • Increases the effectiveness of fertilizers and reduces nutrient leaching, especially nitrates
  • Increases seed germination and encourages root development
  • Strengthens root development and increases yield
  • Yash Green Gold Liquid can be applied using fertigation, hydroponic and sprinkler systems as well as conventional foliar sprays.

Dose:  2 ml/lit. and 1Litre /acres foliar spray or land in soil application (As per requirement dose can be repeated twice after interval of 15 -21 days and also dosage depends on type of crops.

Availability:-  Yash Green Gold is available in 250ml, 500ml, 1L pack.

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