Yashga Super



Yashga Super (Quizalofop Ethyl 5% EC) is selective, systemic herbicide of Aryloxyphenox propionates group. It is used to control narrow leaf weeds in broad leaf crops. It is a very effective weedicide for control of narrow leaf weeds in broad leaf crops.It doesnot burn the weeds but kills the weeds – so they do not regerminate. These dead weeds turn in organic manure to boost plant health and vigor. Yashga Super is strictly not recommended on paddy, wheat, sorghum, maize, barley, pearl millet, sugarcane crop. Yashga Super is recommended at 500-600 ml for control of perennial weeds like Kans and Doob.

Mode of Action:
Yashga Super effectively controls the narrow leaf weeds like Echinochloa spp., Goose gra fox tail, Cynodon (doob), Large crab grass, Saccharum sp. (kans), Hemarthria sp. (suttu), Wild sorghum, Volunteer paddy, Volunteer maize, Volunteer pearl millet, etc. Targa Super is very quickly absorbed by the weeds and translocated and kill the weeds.

Crop Target Pest/Diseases Doses per Acre
Digitaria Sp., Eleusine Indicia, Dactyloctenium Aegyptium, Eragrostis Sp.,
300-400 ml (for annual weeds)
Echinolchloa Crusgalli, Echinochloa Colonum, Dinebra Retroflexa, Digiteria Marginata
300-400 ml (for annual weeds)
Echinochloa Colonum, Dinebra Retroflexa, Dactyloctenium Sp.
300-400 ml (for annual weeds)
Black Gram
Eleusine Indica, Dactyloctenium Aegyptium, Digitaria Sanguinalis, Eragrostis Sp., Paspalidium Sp., Echinochloa Sp., Dinebra Ratroflexa
300-400 ml (for annual weeds)
Echinochloa Crusgalli, E. Colomum, Eragrostis Sp.
300-400 ml (for annual weeds)

Availability:  Yashga Super is available 250ml, 500ml, and 1ltr Pack.

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