Yashmida Super


Product action and chemistry:-

It is a systemic insecticide containing imidacloprid active ingredient, balance auxillaries and inert material. It is used for control of termites in buildings and for the control of Jassids, Aphids & Thrips in cotton and brown plant hopper and white Backed Plant hopper in rice

Mode of Action: Creates a ‘Non Detectable Treated Zone’ which acts as ‘killing field’.Acts on the Acetyl Choline, binding sites in the receptor cells leading to lasting impairment. Exposed termites stop feeding and consequently die.

Crop Common name of pest Doses
Cotton, Rice, Potato, Crucifers
Leaf Miners, Aphids, Jassids and Whiteflies, Plant Hoppers
250 ml/acre

Availability:  YASHMIDA SUPER is available in 100ml,250ml,500ml, and I ltr pack.

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