Yashvam Gold



Yashvam Gold is bio Fertiliser based on mycorrhizae, environmental friendly fungi. Yashvam Gold helps the plant to sustain in adverse conditions. Yashvam Gold helps in better absorption of the vital nutrients by the plants. Yashvam Gold helps to develop the roots system of the plant making the plant healthy. Yashvam Gold increases the availability of Phosphorus, and increases the availability of the micro nutrients. Yashvam Gold helps in developing immunity in the plants from the soil borne diseases. Yashvam Gold helps the plant to sustain in adverse conditions.
  • Much better and faster uptake of all plants nutrients by exposing greater soil to plant roots as it helps in expanding feeding roots 200 times in soil.
  • Improves phosphorus uptake by 60-80% by making non available “P” to available form. 
  • Improves soil health by improving organic matter content of soil
  • Enhances tolerance to drought and other kind of stress.
  • Partially replaces chemical fertilizers, causes reduction in cost.
  • Increases yield, improves produce quality and increases farmers income.

Dose:   4-5 kg/acre mix with soil or farm yard manure and board cast preferably at the time of sowing, it can used for the sowing of 50 days of crop.

Availability:- YASHVAM GOLD is available in 1Kg and 4Kg pack.

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